Reports - Brazil legend Pele names secret daughter in his will despite denying she was his child

Brazilian football legend Pele denied that Sandra Regina was his daughter during his lifetime. However, according to The Mirror, it has been revealed that he included her in his will and left her a share of his millions.

Sandra, who was born in 1964, passed away 17 years ago, but she was included in his will through her two sons. All of his seven children, including Sandra, were named in his will.

Sandra’s two sons, Octavio Felinto Neto and Gabriel Arantes do Nascimento, will inherit her share of the estate. They met their grandfather for the first time while he was on his deathbed in the hospital. His final wish was to see his grandsons and they were able to visit him on December 28, a day before he passed away at the age of 82.

Pele’s net worth was estimated to be around £13 million. He had a total of six children – Kelly, Edinho, and Jennifer with his first wife, Joshua and Celeste with his second wife, and Flavia from an extramarital affair. Sandra Regina, although unacknowledged throughout her life, is the legend’s seventh child.

The legendary footballer accomplished great feats both in his sport and beyond. He received many honors, awards, and recognition throughout his career. He was also a beloved national hero in Brazil.

Pele to get honored with a statue in Brazil

Brazil will honor the football legend with a statue at the National Congress building in Brasilia, according to The US Sun.

The legend’s business manager told The US Sun:

“There’s a conversation of putting a statue of him in the legislative area in Brasilia where they have other statues. We’re talking with the Secretary of State who deals with those matters.”

“Pele is one of the most iconic people that ever lived on the planet and the biggest ambassador Brazil has ever had. I don’t think there’s ever going to be anyone bigger than Pele to represent Brazil.”

He continued:

“They’re also talking about naming the Maracana field in Rio de Janeiro after him and putting his face on a coin or maybe even a bill. I don’t know what denomination it would be, we are just in the infancy of that conversation. The government has approached me about a tribute stamp too.”

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