Valentina Shevchenko spoke about the terrible injury of Chris Weidman in the fight with Hall

UFC light heavyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko shared her opinion about the terrible leg fracture of Chris Weidman in a fight against Uriah Hall at UFC 261.

“My God, I would never wish such an injury on any fighter, because it requires a very long recovery process. This is a very serious injury. We had a TV in the locker room where we were warming up. As soon as it happened , I just turned away from the screen. I couldn’t watch it until I went to my fight. This is too severe an injury.

You know, in the run-up to the fight, I was asked a lot of questions about the kalf-kicks. Each time I answered that this is a very good, effective technique, but at the same time very dangerous – not only for your opponent, but also for you. Therefore, you need to properly prepare the low kick before hitting it.

Fractures happen very often when you hit the shin or hit the knee. I believe that this is not the best technique. You need to be very careful with it, “Valentina Shevchenko said at a press conference after the UFC 261.

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