Video shows, how Floyd Mayweather keeping shocked Logan Paul from falling

Three days after the exhibition match between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, the debate continues about whether the legendary boxer really failed to finish the popular blogger, or whether this was the original agreement before the fight, and the supporters of the second version received another proof in their favor.

Video shows, how Floyd Mayweather keeping shocked Logan Paul from falling

At the moment, the network is actively discussing a fragment of the fight, where Mayweather meets Paul with a tight forehand, and then, as some believe, does not just go to the clinch, but supports the shocked opponent so that he does not fall on the canvas. Look at this fragment for yourself and express your opinion on this matter.

Recall that the eight-round fight went the entire distance and did not reveal the winner, since the rules of the exhibition boxing match did not provide for a judge’s decision, however, it seemed to many that in the middle of the fight, instead of finishing off the exhausted opponent, Mayweather deliberately slowed down, almost stopped beating, and allowed the blogger to reach the final gong.

Indirectly, Mayweather admitted this at a press conference after the fight.

“Yes, perhaps, I could finish the fight ahead of schedule, bring down heavy blows on him, but we already had a great show-the evening was not boring,” said the former world champion in boxing in five weight categories Floyd Mayweather. “My opponent is happy, I am happy, and in the history of boxing, I will remain the best in any case. That’s all I can say”

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