Ahead of their fight at UFC 281 Michael Chandler responds to Dustin Poirier calling him a different person

Ahead of their fight at UFC 281, UFC lightweight contender Michael Chandler discussed rival Dustin Poirier’s opinion of him.

Poirier and Chandler got into an argument at UFC 276 that went viral. In a recent conversation with Daniel Cormier on DC & RC, both combatants came together to discuss their upcoming fight.

During their discussion, Poirier remarked that Chandler was a “different person” in interviews compared to in person.

Watch the interview below:

Appearing in a recent video on MMA on Point’s YouTube channel, the former Bellator champion addressed ‘The Diamond’s claims about him being double-faced. Chandler said:

“He calls me a different person… I’m not a different person. My opinion of you has changed, just like your opinion of me has changed because we have said things about each other… Like, I’m not a different person. I wasn’t one person in Abu Dhabi or one person at that Bellator event. I was that one person with that opinion of you at the time and… opinions of people change.”

Check out what Chandler had to say about Dustin Poirier‘s claims in the video below:


Michael Bisping gives his prediction for the Michael Chandler vs. Dustin Poirier fight at UFC 281

In a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, former middleweight champ Michael Bisping shared his thoughts on the upcoming lightweight matchup. According to ‘The Count’, Poirier will be looking for a TKO win over ‘Iron’ at UFC 281.

Bisping lauded Chandler’s toughness but mentioned how he had been knocked down in his previous fights. Giving his take on the upcoming Chandler vs. Poirier fight, Bisping said:

“A fight that I think should be labeled as the people’s main event is Dustin Poirier vs. Michael Chandler. Poirier is obviously looking for the TKO but Michael Chandler is very tough. However, he has been dropped. He got dropped off Tony Ferguson, he got dropped off Charles Oliveira. He’s shown to be a little bit chinny… I think he [Dustin Poirier] can put Michael Chandler away.”

You can check out Bisping’s full video below:

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