Conor McGregor has revealed he wants '100 more' fights ahead of his return to the octagon

Conor McGregor reveals he wants ‘100 more UFC fights’ as he opens up on career plan after horrific leg break.

The Notorious is currently gearing up to make his long-awaited comeback against former three-time Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler later this year. McGregor’s eagerly-anticipated showdown with the new fan favourite will be his first outing since breaking his leg nearly two years ago.

The layoff is just one of many the Irishman has had during the latter stages of his UFC career, something he hopes to change after fighting Chandler.

He told Barstool Sports: “What do I hope for in this world? I hope for 100 fights. I hope for 100 more fights.”

McGregor, 34, admits he’s been irked by his lack of consistency, which was very much not the case during the early stages of his career.

He said: ” I’m working for consistency. I’ve been having this on, off, on, off nonsense for too long, via fight politics, via injuries, via just life. It does happen.”

Although his stints on the sidelines have been frustrating, McGregor doesn’t lament his time out.

He continued: “It’s God’s plan. It’s all God, so I accept and understand it. But I’m excited and hopeful that I can get a nice consecutive run of bouts.”

Conor McGregor’s latest stint on the sidelines was far from a rest period as he had to deal with the gruelling mental and psychological recovery from his potentially career-threatening leg break.

Conor McGregor said: “[It was] very tough times, very tough times. Very unsure times. And you’ve only got to look at Chris Weidman, who recently returned to competition with his jiu-jitsu competition. Very happy for Chris, very happy to see that. Because it’s a tough one, threre’s no two ways about it. I’m blessed to have the correct care and attention to it, medically. I’ve had the best doctors, best surgeons.”

Conor McGregor added: “I got it back, thank God. And I’m back better than ever. So I’m excited.”

The motivation of the UFC star has been questioned by many in recent years, with there being a belief his millions in the bank have doused the raging fire he had to compete.

But a new crop of entertaining lightweights, as well as some unfinished business with Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz, have him champing at the bit to compete.

Conor McGregor said: “I’ve got a lot of exciting fights. I’ve got some rivalries. You’ve got guys on the climb, you’ve got guys in other divisions that are supposed to be the best. There’s loads of bouts I could have and I’m excited for every single one of them.”

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