Gareth Bale will not play for Tottenham vs Liverpool

Gareth Bale is not yet ready to face the champion.

Jose Mourinho is not counting on Gareth Bale ahead of the England Championship 13th round match against Liverpool.

Gareth Bale will not play for Tottenham vs Liverpool

“Gareth is training, but he is not yet in shape,” the BBC quotes the head coach of Tottenham. “For example, on Monday he trained in the gym, did not even enter the field. So at the moment I can definitely say that he will not play against Liverpool. “

Liverpool – Tottenham match will take place on Wednesday, December 16

Earlier, Bale admitted that he wants to return to Real after the end of his lease in Tottenham. The Welshman intends to get a second chance with the “Galacticos”.

Gareth Bale will not play for Tottenham vs Liverpool

According to Spanish daily Diario AS, the Welsh striker of Real Madrid currently on loan at Tottenham London, Gareth Bale intends to return to his club at the end of the 2020/21 season, after which he will spend the last year of his contract with Tottenham.

The footballer returned to the London club as a result of a conflict with Real Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane, but the latest talk about a possible change of personality at the head of the “Galacticos” gave rise to rumors about the possible return of Bale to Spain.

However, nothing will interfere with such a scenario even if Zidane remains in the post of Real Madrid’s mentor, because requests for the salary of a player in the main squad of the Wales national team can not be pulled by every club. In particular, Tottenham agrees to leave himself Bale only if Real Madrid continues to cover at least 50% of his monthly salary.

Gareth Bale will not play for Tottenham vs Liverpool

This season, Gareth has already played six matches for Tottenham in the UEFA Europa League (393 minutes), in which he scored one goal, as well as 3 matches in the English Premier League (116 minutes), where he scored the same number of goals.

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