Jurgen Klopp described Tottenham as a future rival.

Jurgen Klopp described Tottenham as a future rival.

Jurgen Klopp: The current Tottenham is a machine for getting results.

On the eve of the central match of the 13th round of the English Championship between Liverpool and Tottenham, Jurgen Klopp praised Jose Mourinho’s team.

Jurgen Klopp described Tottenham as a future rival.
Jurgen Klopp

“The way Tottenham is playing this year is really impressive,” the BBC quotes the head coach of Liverpool. “Mourinho turned his team into a scoring machine, but with a very attractive game.” “It is especially worth noting that even if the game is not perfect for Tottenham, they win through a well-coordinated defense, collective action and the ability to turn the tide of the meeting.” “At the same time, danger can come from any football player. If you shut down Son and Kane, it does not mean that you are safe. Everyone in Tottenham knows what is required of him, but at the same time, everyone can score. Well, Kane and Son Heung-min understand each other so well that they may not interact at all during the match, and then “turn on” and make a result. “

The match Liverpool – Tottenham will take place on Wednesday 16 December. Before the 13th round, the teams scored 25 points, but Tottenham took the first place, and Liverpool – the second due to the best difference between goals scored and conceded by the capital team.

Earlier it was reported that Gareth Bale will not play against Liverpool.

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