Michael Bisping reacted to Ferguson’s criticism of Khabib’s record

Former UFC champion Michael Bisping commented on the words of lightweight Tony Ferguson, who criticized the record of the champion of the 155-pound division Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Michael Bisping reacted to Ferguson's criticism of Khabib's record

“The question is to grow to a certain level. When I started my professional career, the guy I fought against was not a good fighter. You work your way up to that level and fight the best fighters when you get there. You don’t have to fight strong opponents from the start.

Khabib moved to the UFC and continued to remain undefeated. I like Tony Ferguson, but there is no logic in his argument. Okay, Khabib didn’t fight the strongest before joining the UFC. Yes, it’s fair that Tony had that feeling. But in the UFC, Khabib remained unbeaten, he fought excellent opponents.

Khabib defeated Poirier, McGregor, Gaethje. There were many fighters that I can’t remember now, but he beat them all. What he did before joining the UFC shouldn’t even matter, ” – Michael Bisping said on the Believe You Me podcast.

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