Ronaldo Souza has finally returned home after surgery.

UFC middleweight veteran Ronaldo Souza has finally returned home to his family after hand surgery after a tough break at UFC 262.

Ronaldo Souza has finally returned home after surgery.

Souza suffered one of the most horrific arm breaks we have ever seen in the UFC when Andre Muniz snapped his limb with an armbar in the first round of their fight at UFC 262. For the 41-year-old Souza, the loss to Muniz marked his fourth straight defeat in the Octagon, and breaking his arm in the loss certainly didn’t help. But he has remained a true professional in spite of the loss, as he congratulated Muniz for the victory, and has had a smile on his face the entire time despite having his right arm snapped in half last weekend.

After having surgery on his arm, Ronaldo Souza is now finally home with his family in Florida and he’s all smiles. Taking to his social media on Wednesday, Souza posted an update of his health, saying that he’s happy to be home and thanking his fans for all of their well-wishes.

I so happy to return to my home and see my children again, after almost 10 days. I thank you once again for all the support and affection in the messages you are sending me.

Ronaldo Souza will be on the shelf for at least the new few months while his arm heals up, and it’s possible that he decides to take the rest of 2021 off considering his age and the injury. It will be interesting to see if the UFC decides to keep Souza on its roster or if it decides to let him go. At age 41 and coming off of four straight losses, it would be justified to release him, but at the same time, “Jacare” is a legend of the sport and might get another fight.

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