Sean O’Malley shares his thoughts on Marlon Vera’s win against Davey Grant

Sean O'Malley shares his thoughts on Marlon Vera's win against Davey Grant

Sean O’Malley didn’t think Marlon Vera looked all that good on Saturday night against Davey Grant.

Vera returned at UFC Vegas 29 on the main card to rematch Grant in an anticipated bout. Ultimately, it was “Chito” who got his hand raised winning a clear-cut decision as he battered Grant for the final two rounds. Yet, for O’Malley, he says he didn’t think Vera looked that impressive.

Sean O'Malley shares thoughts on Marlon Vera's win against Davey Grant

“What I took from that fight is f**k, Davey Grant’s a tough motherf***r, dude,” Sean O’Malley said on a video posted on his YouTube channel. “That is Chito’s style, just gets beat up for a little bit, and then people get tired of beating him up, and then he comes on in the later rounds. But, yeah, I took an edible so I was really high but I was trying to fast forward like is this in slow motion? He looked so slow. Who does he have next? He called out Dominick, will he get that, no. Dom already said he’s trying to fight up.”

It should be noted that Sean O’Malley and Vera do have a history. They fought at UFC 252 last August where Vera won by first-round TKO where O’Malley had drop foot after Vera landed some leg kicks. Ever since that fight, O’Malley has said the loss was a fluke and doesn’t count it as a real loss. He also believes Vera isn’t that good and knows he would beat him if they were to rematch down the line.

Sean O’Malley is set to return to the Octagon on the main card of UFC 264 against Louis Smolka. Should “Suga” win, perhaps they do the rematch with Vera as it is a fight many fans want to see. Regardless, it’s likely this isn’t the last time O’Malley and Vera take shots at one another.

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