Vasil Lomachenko named his top 5 best boxers of all time

Former world champion in three weight categories Vasyl Lomachenko told who is on his list of the top 5 greatest boxers of all time.The Ukrainian boxer put the legendary heavyweight Mohammed Ali in the first place. Lomachenko sent the former world champion in five weight categories Roy Jones to the second position.

Vasil Lomachenko named his top 5 best boxers of all time

Interestingly, Lomachenko found a place in the top 5 for three representatives of the heavyweight division at once. In addition to Muhammad Ali, the list includes George Foreman and Joe Louis. The only one among the active boxers in the top of the Scrap was the 42-year-old former world champion in eight weight categories, Manny Pacquiao.

Here is what the top 5 best boxers of all time looks like according to Vasil Lomachenko:

  • Mohammed Ali
  • Roy Jones
  • George Foreman
  • Manny Pacquiao
  • Joe Louis

Recall that Vasyl Lomachenko also called the most difficult fight in his career.

Vasil Lomachenko named his top 5 best boxers of all time

“The most difficult fight in my career? This is not an easy question, because I have never thought about it. All my fights in the lightweight division were difficult and very difficult, because it’s not my size, not my arm span and not my weight category.

Perhaps the most difficult fight was with Jorge Linares , because in the second round I started having problems with my shoulder. Probably, this fight, ” Vasil Lomachenko said in an interview with the YouTube channel La Sueur.

Recall that the Lomachenko-Linares fight took place in May 2018 and ended with an early victory of the Ukrainian in the tenth round. At the same time, during the fight, the Venezuelan scored the first knockdown for Lomachenko in his career.

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