“The founding clubs of the Super League are receiving threats,” Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus made an official statement

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus in Turin have expressed their position on the Super League project on their official websites, thus giving a response to the accusations from UEFA.

“The founding clubs of the Super League have received and continue to receive pressure, threats and insults to abandon the project. This is unacceptable from the point of view of the law, and the courts have already ruled on the Super League project, categorically ordering FIFA and UEFA to refrain from performing any actions that may affect the founding clubs or the Super League itself, thereby recognizing the appearance of legality of the project.”

It is reported that the other founding partners of the Super League project were inconsistent, apologizing to UEFA for participating in the tournament.

“The Super League was seen by the 12 founding clubs as a unique opportunity to offer fans around the world the best show and to increase global interest in a sport that is facing a new generation of trends that threaten its future.”

Also on the sites it is reported that the clubs are not going to move away from the idea of promoting the Super League.

“In conclusion, we repeat to FIFA, UEFA and all players, as we have done several times since the announcement of the Super League, that we are ready for a discussion, but it must take place without any unacceptable pressure, with respect for the law.”


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